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Many runners have accepted a popular myth about running form. This myth says that each individual runs in a manner that is just right for his or her unique anatomy.

As a result, most runners spend their training time practicing bad form. This makes them run slower and more likely to get injured.

With the Movaia online running form analysis you will get insight into your individual running form and improvement areas. With our targeted running technique exercises you will become a stronger runner.

Improve fast with laser focus

You will improve fastest by focusing on just a few running form goals at a time.

That is why we have 3 levels. Runners move to a new level after reaching goals of their current level.

This is the most reliable way for you to run faster and longer with great form – and with a much reduced risk of injury.

Feel like a new runner

If we see anything sub-optimal in the running form analysis of your video, we give you straightforward drills and videos to help you develop perfect running form.

Feel like a new runner in just weeks, with more stamina and more power in your strides.

Is your cadence in an efficient range? (Step rate)

Step rate is the number of steps taken during each minute of running. It determines how fast you can run. Step rate also has a big effect on the angle of your foot when it hits the ground (foot angle).

Step rate varies with intensity. Very high step rates tend to be ideal for sprinting, slower step rates are common for ultra-distance running. Typical distance running step rates tend to fall between 170 and 200 steps per minute.

A too-slow step rate can decrease your running velocity and increases the likelihood that you will be a pronounced heel-striker. An overly fast step rate can actually decrease your step length and thus slow you down as well.

Are you striking with your heel, mid foot or fore foot?

Foot Angle is simply the angle the foot makes with the ground at the instant when it first makes ground contact.  Your foot angle determines braking force, ground-contact time (duration of stance), running velocity, ground impact forces, and the risk of certain injuries.

Are you landing close to your center of mass? What’s your sweep?

The shank angle at touch down (or strike angle) is the angle between your shank and a line drawn perpendicular to the ground at the time of impact. This angle determines how close your foot lands to your center of mass, which influences injury risk and efficiency. It also determines the amount of “sweep”. “Sweep” is the movement from maximum forward extension of the foot to the strike angle at touch down.

Your posture

Posture is simply the alignment of your head, thorax, and hips with respect to each other.  Good posture reduces fatigue and helps to make you a more economical runner.

The lean of your body

Lean determines whether propulsive forces will primarily be directed up and forward, straight up, or up and backward. An overly forward lean decreases the amount of critical vertical propulsive force and actually shortens step length. 

A too-small or negative lean means that your body is too straight or tilted backward and thus that not enough forward propulsive force is being created.

Your arm position

The angle at which you bend your arms at your elbows impacts your running performance significantly.  Arms that are not adequately flexed at the elbows tend to slow cadence, while arms that are properly flexed at the elbows reinforce high cadence.

We also check for excessive arm forward or backward-movement.

Ground Contact Time (GCT)

Ground contact time measures how long each leg is on the ground, from touch down to toe off. Faster runners typically have lower GCT. GCT decreases with more strength, high leg stiffness and good running form (strong heel strikers tend to have longer GCT).

A significant difference in ground contact time between left and right foot may correlate with decreased running efficiency and increased injury risk.

Vertical Oscillation of Pelvis (VOP)

Vertical Oscillation of the Pelvis measures the amount of up and down movement (‘bounce’) that occurs while you run. Increased up and down movement may indicate increased braking occurring as you run. A reduction in this may indicate a smoother transition through the running cycle and correlates with improve running performance. Increased cadence and forward lean can mitigate excessive vertical oscillation.

Too little vertical oscillation may indicate a lack of power in the stride, resulting in reduced flight time and pace. Work to increase strength and endurance will typically improve too-low vertical oscillation.

How it works
It starts with a video of your run

Shoot the video yourself or ask a friend. Not sure how? Here are some easy instructions or watch us record a video here, so you get the most out of your running form analysis.

Get your running form analysis

Receive your running form analysis with clear feedback. ‘Seeing is believing’ so we make sure to include pictures of your running form at critical phases of the gait cycle and illustrations of good form. This way you can visualize your individual running technique and how to achieve proper running form.

See improvements in your running form fast with your training plan

Improve quickly with exercise recommendations, a training plan and exercise videos.

Start now to become faster and

more injury-resistant

Movaia’s Reviews

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07:07 13 Jul 24
Miguel FernandesMiguel Fernandes
11:35 10 Jul 24
Wow! I wasn't expecting this level of detailed and in depth analysis! My mind was blown with the quality of the 40 page PDF file that was sent to me just a couple of days after I've submitted my videos. Issues with my running pointed out, quality's too, exercises and suggestions to improve and maintain good running form! Amazed! Will continue to use this service for a long time! Top notch!
Oskar KnightOskar Knight
12:51 09 Jun 24
Would highly recommend using this service! Received a swift response from Movaia after sending my videos, with detailed advice which will be extremely helpful when it comes to avoiding injuries.
jeff gleacherjeff gleacher
18:45 25 May 24
Movaia Analysis is much more throrough and actionable than anything else I have been able to find. It does align well with the issues I have been having and I am hopeful that following the prescription will get me back on the bricks. I am anxious to return to competitive running after a year of struggling through Dr and PT treatment that has not resolved my peroneal and achilles tendinopathy.
Kcin ControlKcin Control
09:52 09 May 24
Great app. The developers have done something incredible! I uploaded a video of my run and received an analysis in less than 8 hours! I am amazed at the detail in the analysis of my technique. Fantastic! Helpful and thought-provoking.
Iain SpenceIain Spence
20:22 17 Mar 24
Still in beta but wow, what a great service. Easy to upload videos and I got a comprehensive 40 page report back in a few hours with great pointers and a full training program to address my posture issues. Fantastic!Update: Just did a repeat upload having had a month adapting my 'form' based on their recommendations and the new report confirmed huge progress. I knew it would, I've been running much faster getting a new 10km PB last week and much easier, with my ankle pain gone and my heart rate much reduced. Very pleased :)Next update: had a 3rd report, I'd gone backwards in some aspects, but improved my weaknesses from the last one. I've been integrating my 'form' into my training which culminated today in my very first running event, the Liverpool Half Marathon, alongside 7,000 other runners. The result, 2 hours 6 minutes, 124 out of 222 in my age group. Thank you Movaia, one of my magic 3 ingredients alongside Garmin and Nike Running Club coaching app 👏
Brad T.Brad T.
03:15 05 Feb 24
Experiencing Movaia's product offering has been nothing short of extraordinary. The AI-driven analysis of my running form delivered an impressively detailed 41-page report, meticulously outlining areas of focus for enhancement. It dissected my running mechanics with precision, providing actionable insights that are instrumental to elevating my marathon training. The integration of this comprehensive analysis into my daily routine has been seamless, and I anticipate the positive impact it will have on my performance. Movaia has truly set a new standard for personalized training guidance.
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