Run Right: We Exist to Make Runners Faster & Less Injury Prone

What we do

We offer affordable running form analysis so athletes can run faster with less injury risk – and enjoy their sport to the fullest.

Using Movaia, coaches and physios can offer running form analysis more efficiently and spend more time with their athletes.

We combine the power of AI with human know-how and running science. Runners, coaches and physiotherapists using Movaia receive detailed running form reports with actionable results.

Thomas Butter

Thomas conceived the idea for Movaia after paying hundreds of dollars for a running form analysis following plantar fasciitis caused by poor running form.

He is now putting decades of marketing and management experience and a lifelong fascination with computer sciences to work to make running form analysis accessible to as many runners as possible.

Thomas is also a UESCA certified running coach.

He works with a team of leading running form experts, computer vision and machine learning specialists and enabling technology teams to bring the vision amd mission of Movaia to life. A key part of the team are our customers, who provide invaluable feedback that guides our development.

Coaching and DPT Pro’s

Running science, as published in peer reviewed journals and expert books, is the pillar we build our product on.

We then combine this theoretical know how with the real world insights and practical needs of coaching and physiotheraphy professionals.

This drives the way we develop Movaia and that is why we partner with leading coaching and physiotherapy professionals to build a product that helps both athletes and and the professionals supporting them.

Make this your best season yet

Are you aiming for a PR?

Are you sick and tired of being constantly injured?

Optimize your running form and realize your true potential as a runner.