We exist to make runners faster & less injury prone

Our mission

At Movaia we help athletes to improve their performance and to stay healthy so they can enjoy their sport to the fullest.


Thomas conceived the idea for Movaia after paying hundreds of dollars for a running form analysis following plantar fasciitis caused by poor running form.

He is now putting decades of marketing and management experience and a lifelong fascination with computer sciences to work to make running form analysis accessible to as many runners as possible.

Thomas is also a UESCA certified running coach.

Manuel Leon Madrigal

Manuel has been working on running related technology for several years and is well connected in the running race ecosystem.

Like many runners he has suffered injuries, which has led him from experimenting with numerous doctors, alternative medicine, etc. until finally connecting with Movaia.

Movaia Advisors

We work with leading experts on coaching and running form to develop analytical models that are both science based and practical to implement “in the real world”.

Make this your best season yet

Are you aiming for a PR?

Are you sick and tired of being constantly injured?

Optimize your running form and realize your true potential as a runner.