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Movaia’s Reviews

Iain Spence
Iain Spence
Still in beta but wow, what a great service. Easy to upload videos and I got a comprehensive 40 poage report back in a few hours with great pointers and a full training program to address my posture issues. Fantastic!
stephen heyroth
stephen heyroth
Simply outstanding! Technique is everything in running. The process was simple and I now have a baseline of deep insights into my technique and drills to incorporate into my work outs. I have a lot to improve and this is a great tool to help continuously improve. I can’t wait to do it again in a month to check my progress.
Kathryn Morden
Kathryn Morden
This service is amazing - I feel so lucky to have found it. Not only did they identify what I need to work on with my running form, but they provided exercises for me to do to help fix my issues, as well as an easy to follow monthly plan by day to work towards better form. I’m pumped to start!
Anthony Grant
Anthony Grant
Absolutely amazing service. Saves the $200-$500 required to get a in-person biomechanics assessment with the same results. Love the action plan, and looking forward to implementing the changes to help me build my speed injury free!
Anna Bilous
Anna Bilous
I enjoy using Movaia running analysis as it’s really made on a high level by a purely professional Mavaia team. There might be other similar products, but at Movaia they do care about your results, your satisfaction level and therefore their reputation! Highly recommended ❤️

What happens when I sign up?

After signing up  you can upload your videos from a link in your profile. You will receive a link to download your running form analysis within 5 business days. 

We believe runners improve fastest when checking their running form frequently and following their training plan so you can upload videos up to 5 times a month – it’s all included in your subscription. (Videos of yourself only please).

What’s the deal with the free beta test?

As a fresh start up we want to understand what works for runners and what does not. Therefore we offer for a limited time free access to our Movaia running form analysis. In turn we ask our testers to provide feedback that will shape the further development of our services. We will send out occasional questionnaires or you can drop us your thoughts anytime via our contact form.

What’s inside my running form report?

Your report includes video stills of your running form with annotations and analysis, scores and target values for key elements of your running form, exercises with video instructions and a training plan.

Depending on your running form you will fall into one of three Levels, so you can focus on the most important improvements for you: 

– After using MOVAIA for the first time over 90% of runners place in Level 1. In Level 1 you will build a strong foundation to run with good, basic form. Your report will include these running form metrics: Step rate, Foot Angle (left & right), Lean and Posture.

– In Level 2, you will learn how to sweep your foot effectively and land with your feet in the proper position relative to your body. In addition to level 1 metrics, your report will include these running form metrics: Strike Angle (left & right), Foot strike position, sweep and maximum shank extension (left & right), Arm Angle and Forward / Backward Arm Position (left & right). 

– Level 3 will combine your form development with exercises and drills that will make you a stronger, faster runner, with a lower risk of injury. Your report will include all level 1 and 2 metrics and we will focus on further enhancing the scores for these.

Curious? Here is a level 1 sample report!