An interview with Movaia CEO Thomas Butter

A screenshot of an interview of Movaia running form analysis CEO Thomas Butter

Our friends at fellow sportstech startup TrailMe interviewed Movaia’s CEO Thomas Butter for their most recent blog post. Here are a few highlights of the

Thomas discussed the company’s mission: “Our goal is to make running form assessment more accessible for runners, coaches and physiotherapists, so runners can both become faster, and more efficient and stay injury free and get the most out of running,”

Movaia works by having runners upload videos of themselves running. The Movaia platform then analyzes the videos and provides a report that includes detailed feedback on the runner’s form. The report also includes recommendations for exercises that can help the runner improve their form.

Movaia’s CEO Thomas Butter as seen by Movaia’s AI enabled running form analysis algorithm

Thomas explained that Movaia is currently in beta testing and that the company is working to add new features. “Running form analysis is a tool that should be accessible to any runner and is currently underutilized. An analogy could be power meters in cycling or heart rate monitors – tools that were once exclusive to elite athletes but have since become mainstream tools to make athletes better.

“We believe that Movaia has the potential to revolutionize the way runners train and improve their performance,” said Butter. “We are excited to see how runners use Movaia to reach their goals.”

Check out the full interview on the TrailMe website. The TrailMe site also features an event calendar for races in Hong Kong and provides a platform for race organizers. Racers and their fans can track their position and ranking throughout a race on their smartphones.