The Best Apps to Improve Running Form

Running form can be tricky to understand, analyze and perfect! A bit of extra help from a running form analysis apps to improve can make the difference between perfecting running technique quickly or giving up.

Best App to Record Videos for Running Form Analysis: The Camera App on Your Phone

You probably did not think of your phone’s camera as a key app to improve your running form – but it is just that. Modern smart phones can record in high quality slow motion.

This means that instead of 30 frames per second at least 120 frames per second are recorded. This provides the detail needed for an accurate analysis of your running gait, where 1/100 of a second can make a difference.

On your iPhone start your camera and swipe to select the “slo-mo” mode. On some phones you may have to swipe to “more” or “settings” to choose this option. Then simply record the video as normal and keep in mind these tips for shooting running form videos.

Best App to Analyze Running Form Automatically With AI and Computer Vision

Woman reviewing running form analysis report on tablet

Is there an app for analyzing run form? Yes there is! analyzes your running form automatically for you.

Simply upload the video to this running form analysis site. Movaia’s algorithm generates a complete running analysis report which is illustrated with annotated pictures of the runner and includes recommendations and exercises.

No need to keep up with the latest research on running gait and biomechanics – the algorithm does it all for you.

The site is powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence. The underlying running science comes from collaborating with experienced coaches and physiotherapists specialized in running form. 

Videos explain the exercises and a training plan helps to put the findings into actions. There is a free trial available so you can check this app to improve running form risk-free.

Best Apps to Improve Your Step Rate – Metronome Apps and BPM Playlists

One of the most important elements in running form is proper cadence, i.e. how many steps you are taking per minute. A metronome app on your phone helps in moving cadence slowly towards your target cadence. Simply set the metronome 5% above (or below) your current cadence to slowly work towards your target.

There are many metronome apps out there and there are specialized options for runners. A popular choice for iPhone and Apple Watch is RunTempo and Android users like runzi.

If you like to run with music, then finding a playlist with your preferred cadence is another great way to work towards your cadence target.

Spotify features many playlists at popular cadences such as 180 beats per minute (BPM). Simply search for the desired BPM and you will typically find many options to choose from.

Best App for DIY Running Form Analysis

If you have in-depth knowledge of running form and don’t mind the time required to analzye every aspect of it then Kinovea is the app for you.

This annotation tool for your desktop PC allows you to slow down and  illustrate your running videos.

It is a solid option if you are willing to put in the time and have the know how to create your own DIY analysis. 

If you prefer a solution that works on your mobile consider Coachview. This simpler but still functional slow motion video annotation app is available for iOS and Android.

Finally if you found this useful you might also be interested in our guide to creating your own training plan. It includes a prompt for free training plans from AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, Bing, or Bard.